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Smith Commission and the Rapid Fallout: Budget Cuts for Scotland

Analysis of the Smith Commission, and how the UK Government is using it to line up a £5.8bn budget cut for Scotland As we move into 2015 the Smith Commission remains nothing more than a recommendation to the UK Government, … Continue reading

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Article from Carolyn Leckie: The burning issue that is freedom of expression

Having the free space to challenge opinion and perceived convention is key to progress in politics, the movement for civil liberties, in business and generally in all aspects of life.  It is rare for articles on free speech to be … Continue reading

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Why I’m voting Yes

‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ – that is the question all citizens of Scotland have to answer on the 18th of September.  Yes is my answer and I’ll tell you why: Democracy & Accountability The UK political system is … Continue reading

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Yes: a poster for Scotland

A message from the wonderful Dolce Merda: ‘A dear friend is very active in the motion to gain an Independent Scotland. With the referendum approaching I created this artwork for him and for the Scottish ‘yes’ camp. It highlights 45 … Continue reading

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Currency Options for an Independent Scotland

Since I previously wrote on why the option of retaining the pound was the correct approach for the Yes campaign, it is safe to say that there has been a lot of chatter on the topic.  While it is important … Continue reading

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European Elections: Time to Vote

The people of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland each individually and thus collectively under the UK umbrella opted to join the European Union (EU) in a referendum in 1975.  Since then the EU has grown to become the biggest … Continue reading

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One vote: Scotland’s future

Scotland 2012: we’re 2 years from a referendum that presents the most important vote its people are ever likely to make – should Scotland be independent like most world countries or should we remain in the UK political union that … Continue reading

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