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Smith Commission and the Rapid Fallout: Budget Cuts for Scotland

Analysis of the Smith Commission, and how the UK Government is using it to line up a £5.8bn budget cut for Scotland As we move into 2015 the Smith Commission remains nothing more than a recommendation to the UK Government, … Continue reading

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The Yes movement, moving on

The results are in, and despite the Yes campaign winning in my own council North Lanarkshire, 55% of the Scottish people voted against the proposed offer of independence.  With democracy being one of the core principles being promoted by the … Continue reading

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Why I’m voting Yes

‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ – that is the question all citizens of Scotland have to answer on the 18th of September.  Yes is my answer and I’ll tell you why: Democracy & Accountability The UK political system is … Continue reading

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Referendum Comment: A Response to Ming Campbell

Politics is a bit like professional football: a lot of people try to make a career from it but many don’t make it past being a trialist. Then, having gone through a fairly arduous process, most that do make it … Continue reading

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