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General Election 2019 – Let’s Vote

There’s an election this Thursday. Why vote? Here’s my take: Your vote can definitely make the difference!  At the last General Election (2017), the winning party’s majority represented less than 10% of the vote in 46 of Scotland’s 59 Westminster … Continue reading

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Snap Election: Break the Tory Agenda

I’m still not sure why we’re having a snap General Election – which will cost the UK taxpayer £115M – but let’s make sure it is worth it… the Tories called the election with an overall majority and they were racing through their … Continue reading

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The European Union: When Political Union is a Good Thing

Throughout the Scottish Independence referendum, along with most other Yes campaigners, I was campaigning for a modern form of political union to define our relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom.  I hoped for a system that allowed Scotland’s … Continue reading

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Smith Commission and the Rapid Fallout: Budget Cuts for Scotland

Analysis of the Smith Commission, and how the UK Government is using it to line up a £5.8bn budget cut for Scotland As we move into 2015 the Smith Commission remains nothing more than a recommendation to the UK Government, … Continue reading

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Smith Commission: Context and Personal Submission

Ahead of the referendum I had stated that a factor in my decision to vote Yes was the uncertainty of a No vote, and the risk that comes from having such limited democratic influence over our constitutional future, as determined … Continue reading

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Article from Carolyn Leckie: The burning issue that is freedom of expression

Having the free space to challenge opinion and perceived convention is key to progress in politics, the movement for civil liberties, in business and generally in all aspects of life.  It is rare for articles on free speech to be … Continue reading

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The Yes movement, moving on

The results are in, and despite the Yes campaign winning in my own council North Lanarkshire, 55% of the Scottish people voted against the proposed offer of independence.  With democracy being one of the core principles being promoted by the … Continue reading

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Why I’m voting Yes

‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ – that is the question all citizens of Scotland have to answer on the 18th of September.  Yes is my answer and I’ll tell you why: Democracy & Accountability The UK political system is … Continue reading

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Mortgages, the Economy & the Referendum

While the No campaign fails to give a tangible reason why Scotland is currently better together with Westminster their tactic instead is to speculate on what might happen if there’s a Yes vote, whilst ignoring any challenges that exist for … Continue reading

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Finance and the Referendum

An interesting study has been performed which shows that people provided with more information are more inclined to vote Yes.  I had not long finished reading that when I checked how the BBC are covering events and found that the … Continue reading

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