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I live in Motherwell & work in Edinburgh in the Oil & Gas sector, which has been taking me around the world for 15 years now. My passion for politics and music go with me every step of the journey...

Snap Election: Break the Tory Agenda

I’m still not sure why we’re having a snap General Election – which will cost the UK taxpayer £115M – but let’s make sure it is worth it… the Tories called the election with an overall majority and they were racing through their … Continue reading

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Albums On Loop, the 2016 Edition

Partly due to the realisation that having twins is an expensive business, and partly because my CD collection was already running out of control – 2016 was the year that I switched over to the digital world – Apple Music … Continue reading

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The European Union: When Political Union is a Good Thing

Throughout the Scottish Independence referendum, along with most other Yes campaigners, I was campaigning for a modern form of political union to define our relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom.  I hoped for a system that allowed Scotland’s … Continue reading

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Albums of 2015 (1-35)

In keeping with tradition for my blog, January call on time to reflect on what albums have been on loop during the year just past. I also know there are some people like myself who simply can’t resist ‘albums of … Continue reading

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Smith Commission and the Rapid Fallout: Budget Cuts for Scotland

Analysis of the Smith Commission, and how the UK Government is using it to line up a £5.8bn budget cut for Scotland As we move into 2015 the Smith Commission remains nothing more than a recommendation to the UK Government, … Continue reading

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Smith Commission: Context and Personal Submission

Ahead of the referendum I had stated that a factor in my decision to vote Yes was the uncertainty of a No vote, and the risk that comes from having such limited democratic influence over our constitutional future, as determined … Continue reading

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Albums of 2014 (10 – 1)

Following on from my run down of my top 27 – 11 albums from 2014, the top 10: 10: Paolo Nutini – Caustic Love.  For some reason I’d never truly listened to Paolo Nutini until Iron Sky was touted by Bella Caledonia as … Continue reading

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