“What are you all about Darling?” It is a question I’ve been asked before… I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world extensively through both business and pleasure (45 countries, 6 continents as things stand), I love seeing the variety in the world but in equal measures I love finding the common ground.

During 2012, Scotland embarked on a 2 year political campaign ahead of the people’s first ever (!) vote on whether we should be in a political union that sees Westminster control our politics, or whether Scotland should return to the normal state of affairs and run her own business. I started writing to add my voice to the debate that ensued in the build up to referendum. With the first opportunity for independence declined by a margin of 55/45, the discussion on Scotland’s constitution continues and of course the discussion on political priorities will never be complete.

A personal variation for my blog is that I can’t do anything without music being involved, so the occasional music post will also appear.


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