Yes: a poster for Scotland

A message from the wonderful Dolce Merda:

‘A dear friend is very active in the motion to gain an Independent Scotland. With the referendum approaching I created this artwork for him and for the Scottish ‘yes’ camp. It highlights 45 of the best things that Scotland or Scots have given to the world.’


1 ATM, 2 Bicycles, 3 Bovril, 4 Calendar, 5 Colour Photography, 6 Cotton Reel Thread, 7 David Byrne, 8 Deep Fried Mars Bars, 9 Drain Pipe, 10 Driving on the Left, 11 Electric Clock, 12 Finger printing, 13 First Cloned Sheep (Dolly), 14 Flush Toilet, 15 Football, 16 Golf, 17 Hollow Pipe, 18 Hypodermic Syringe, 19 Irn-Bru, 20 Lawn Mower, 21 Lucifer Friction Match, 22 Macadamised Roads, 23 Metal Detectors, 24 Microwave, 25 MRI Scanner, 26 Peter Pan & Captain Hook, 27 Piano Foot Pedal, 28 PIN Codes, 29 Pneumatic Tyre, 30 Postages Stamp, 31 Primal Scream, 32 Radar, 33 Radio, 34 Rain Coats, 35 Refrigerator, 36 Roller Printing, 37 Sherlock Holmes, 38 Shot Put, 39 Telephone, 40 Television, 41 The Proclaimers, 42 Toaster, 43 Triple Distilled Whisky, 44 Ultrasound & 45 Vacuum Flask.

PDF versions:  YESByDolceMerda-Scotland (for Scotland) & YESDarlingByDolceMerda (for Darlings & Scotland)

About stuartmdarling

I live in Motherwell & work in Edinburgh in the Oil & Gas sector, which has been taking me around the world for 15 years now. My passion for politics and music go with me every step of the journey...
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