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The Yes movement, moving on

The results are in, and despite the Yes campaign winning in my own council North Lanarkshire, 55% of the Scottish people voted against the proposed offer of independence.  With democracy being one of the core principles being promoted by the … Continue reading

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Why I’m voting Yes

‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ – that is the question all citizens of Scotland have to answer on the 18th of September.  Yes is my answer and I’ll tell you why: Democracy & Accountability The UK political system is … Continue reading

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Mortgages, the Economy & the Referendum

While the No campaign fails to give a tangible reason why Scotland is currently better together with Westminster their tactic instead is to speculate on what might happen if there’s a Yes vote, whilst ignoring any challenges that exist for … Continue reading

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Finance and the Referendum

An interesting study has been performed which shows that people provided with more information are more inclined to vote Yes.  I had not long finished reading that when I checked how the BBC are covering events and found that the … Continue reading

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Yes: a poster for Scotland

A message from the wonderful Dolce Merda: ‘A dear friend is very active in the motion to gain an Independent Scotland. With the referendum approaching I created this artwork for him and for the Scottish ‘yes’ camp. It highlights 45 … Continue reading

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