Albums of 2013 (20 – 11)

I’m not sure what happened during 2013 but it seems that music artists & producers decided it was time to revert to the business of making classic albums.  I’m well aware that in retrospect the list is likely to change in time as I absorb more albums that I missed during the year (suggestions welcome…)  Anyway, counting down:

20: Nils Frahms – Spaces.  Thanks to @mrjplaw for pointing me towards this album. Absolutely beautiful sounds:

19: Jessy Lanza – Pull My Hair Back.  All the way from Hamilton (Canada), this album is pure class! Recorded alongside one half of Junior Boys it has their trademark of smooth electronic production and Jessy Lanza’s voice sits perfectly on top of it:

18: Mount Kimbie – Cold Spring Fault Less Youth.  Superb album, outstanding live show at Glastonbury and probably one of the tracks of the year: 

17: Gold Panda – Half of Where You Live.  If I think of seeing Gold Panda at Glastonbury and again in The Arches I have to ask myself how this album isn’t higher up my list.  

16: Alex Barck – Reunion.  I’d never have known about this album had it not been for the fulfilment of a long time ambition, seeing Tosca live (& @steven_mcghee). Alex Barck (of Jazzanova fame) put out a superb house album this year.  A regular in the Darling house:

15: Bonobo – The North Borders.  Not quite as good as his last album Black Sands but The North Borders is another excellent listen.

14: Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus.  My mum won’t like their name and my wife doesn’t like their music but their soundscapes, full of synths and drums competing for space, are sensational in my book.  Regret of 2013 is missing their performance in Glasgow.

13: The Barr Brothers – The Barr Brothers.  Introduced to these guys courtesy of @JCinvisible – superb album and their KEXP performance is cracker as well:

12: Jon Hopkins – Immunity.  His albums are all worth checking, Open Eye Signal is probably my favourite track on the album and the video is worth checking out as well:

That track also features on his FACT mix which is a highlight from 2013 as well –

11: Matthew E White – Big Inner.  Rough Trade put their top 100 albums of 2013 online in November, tough luck for any December releases but it is an excellent list and when making my way through it and was hooked on this instantly…

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