Oil & Gas: An inside view of Scotland’s opportunities

Delighted to receive so many comments on this blog post and to continue discussing the opportunities that we can create with a Yes vote next year… More comments and thoughts will be welcome!

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The debate around Oil & Gas is one of the most peculiar aspects of Scottish life.  Throughout my life the sector has been mentioned with various billions of £££ associated with it.  Occasionally it will be reported that a field will have ‘£x billion’ invested in it and regularly there is discussion on how many ‘£yyy billion’ the industry is worth to the government.  The impression has always been that sums of money flow out to sea and then more comes back in with the tide; the UK political parties and media have made sure the Scottish psyche is such that Oil & Gas might tick along for a while but the tide won’t flow much longer, and thinking anything else is a high risk strategy.

This hasn’t passed without consequence.  Inexplicably the Oil & Gas sector was not mentioned once as a possible career at any point…

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I live in Motherwell & work in Edinburgh in the Oil & Gas sector, which has been taking me around the world for 15 years now. My passion for politics and music go with me every step of the journey...
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